About Us

Since 30 years ago, we have been involved in agricultural business, specifically in coffee commodities area. The history started from being green bean exporters to various countries in the world, covering Europe, America and most of the countries in Asia. Our professionalism has been widely recognized in the green bean market throughout the world. This particular fact can be seen through our consumer’s, loyalty and satisfaction.

Throughout the time, we noticed that there are great opportunities lies in the roasted coffee market segment.
Grabbing the opportunity, we started the new century of year 2000 with the grand opening of our roasted coffee business. Fully supported by high technology machine, professionals coffee testers and expert-in-the-field marketing team, we break through the market with our brand ‘Opal Coffee’.

Only selected high quality raw materials are used and sold ensuring complete consumers’ satisfaction. As the biggest green bean stockist on South East Asia, we serve complete range of local Indonesian coffee such as Mandheling, Sidikalang, Lintong, Gayo, Lampung, Toraja, Java, Bali and Papua Coffee. Enhancing our palette for blending purposes, we do also import coffee from South and Central America, African and Arabian coffee.

Here we also provide private blending, in which customers are allowed to develop their own coffee blend. These blends provide consumers more flexibility to choose according to their needs and wants. In addition to customized coffee composition, we do also provide roasting flexibilities. Your chosen blend can be served light roast, light to dark roast, medium roast and dark roast as preferred.

We undertook a great deal of effort to guarantee that we only provide fresh high standard roasted beans for our customer. It is our principal to ensure and only give our consumers the best product with the best price and best service. Holding on to this motto, Opal coffee has been able to lead this hypercompetitive coffee market.

Specialty Green Coffee Beans

In 2010, we expanded our Green Beans specialty coffee market to Australia. On top of providing assistance to direct coffee roaster importers, we also distribute coffee to boutique specialty coffee roasters in Australia. Our coffee ranges from commercial coffee such as Sumatran Mandheling, Sumatran Lintong, Java Government Estate to Specialty Grade coffee by our own Wahana Estate coffee.

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