Wahana Drip Coffee Blossom

Wahana Blossom Drip Coffee

Named after Cherry Blossom Sakura in Japan, Coffee Blossom is a blend of all coffee varietals planted in our own Wahana Estate.

This blend create a unique and distinct characters of coffee and tea flavours.

Wahana Rasuna Drip Coffee

Wahana Rasuna Drip Coffee

Rasuna is a hybrid Catimor and Typica originated in Sumatra. Rasuna is shaded grown in 90 Ha of Wahana Estate land. This is a new varietal being planted in Takengon area.

Wahana Drip Coffee Longberry

Wahana Longberry Drip Coffee

Longberry variety is said to be name after its appearance. The size of this Wahana Longberry is relatively long and thin in comparison with other variety.

Wahana Drip Coffee Luwak

Wahana Luwak Drip Coffee

Luwak Coffee so called “Civet Coffee” or “Animal Poohed Coffee” is coffee that is digested through alimentary tract of animals.