Wahana Coffee Estate


In 2005, Opal Coffee established its own Wahana Coffee Estate plantation. It is located in the village of Lae Mungkur, Sidikalang sub-district, Dairi district, North Sumatra – Indonesia at an altitude of 1,300-1,500 metres.

Wahana Estate Map

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With our 500 hectares Wahana Coffee Estate plantation in Sumatera, Opal Coffee continues to:

1. Deliver clear traceability coffee supply chains to the customers.

2. Produce and deliver SPECIALTY COFFEE BEANS with different varieties to choose from and using different types of processing methods (washed, semi-washed, natural) producing a zero defects quality.

3. Practice Organic & Rainforest Alliance cultivation in the Wahana Coffee Estate plantation.

Geographically Wahana Estate is able to utilise 250 hectares for coffee plantations, 30 hectares for the Coffee Nursery, 10 hectares for the coffee processing facilities and employ approximately 2000 workers. Opal Coffee has also implemented CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and established a clinic to serve our workers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

We are also establishing a good relationship with some small farmer groups by creating Farmers Support Center, which helps farmers by giving information about coffee farms’ management and distributing shade trees, organic fertiliser and coffee seeds to farmers for free.

Farmers Support Centre Farmers Support Centre