Longberry variety is said to be name after its appearance. The size of this Wahana Longberry is relatively long and thin in comparison with other variety.

Longberry variety was thought to be originated from Ethiopia because of its similarity to Longberry harrar. In Indonesia, Longberry was known to be grown only in Aceh but years ago we decided to bring the coffee to Lake Toba area and grow it in our own farm for trial. Today we are pleased to find that it developed a profile that is unlike the Aceh Longberry.

Processing: Wet Processed / Washed
Fragrance notes: Floral, mild citrus, raisin, spice
Flavour notes: lemony, sweet orange, Thai ice tea, fennel, sweet
Body: Medium
Overall: Consistent, clean, floral notes and silky mouth feel.

Each box comes with 5 individually served Drip Coffee pouch in vacuumed sealed pack.

Easy to bring during your travel, slide inside your pocket.
You can serve at home, office or even camping !!

All you need it hot water, pour over around the pouch SLOWLY for approximately 100 ml only.
Do NOT pour more than 100 ml to obtain maximum flavour and characters of the coffee.

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