Luwak Coffee so called “Civet Coffee” or “Animal Poohed Coffee” is coffee that is digested through alimentary tract of animals. This is one of the most expensive coffee in the world.

Luwak (Civet) eats coffee cherry. Pulping process is done through Luwak digestion process. Parchment is then collected and hulled to become green coffee beans.

The digestion process removes acidity out of coffee resulting in medium acidity, smooth and hint of berry notes.

Each box comes with 5 individually served Drip Coffee pouch in vacuumed sealed pack.

Easy to bring during your travel, slide inside your pocket.
You can serve at home, office or even camping !!

All you need it hot water, pour over around the pouch SLOWLY for approximately 100 ml only.
Do NOT pour more than 100 ml to obtain maximum flavour and characters of the coffee.

FREE DELIVERY for Order Over $ 40.00