Rasuna is a hybrid Catimor and Typica originated in Sumatra. Rasuna is shaded grown in 90 Ha of Wahana Estate land. This is a new varietal being planted in Takengon area.

Catimor is known for its high yield but fall in production after 10 years however Typica has low yield but much longer production time before its yields fall off. Combining the two varietals was aimed to retain yield as well as production lifespan – here it comes Rasuna. Rasuna is only currently cultivated in Indonesia at this time. It is grown best in altitude above 1,200 m with Wahana Estate located on altitude of 1,300 – 1,500 m above sea level.

Fragrance notes: Cocoa, Mild fruit and Spice
Characteristics Notes: Citrus, Chocolate, Butter
Body: Full
Acidity: Bold and Solid
Overall: Consistent coffee with clean cup and citrus like sweetness.

Each box comes with 5 individually served Drip Coffee pouch in vacuumed sealed pack.

Easy to bring during your travel, slide inside your pocket.
You can serve at home, office or even camping !!

All you need it hot water, pour over around the pouch SLOWLY for approximately 100 ml only.
Do NOT pour more than 100 ml to obtain maximum flavour and characters of the coffee.

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